The Banner Irish Pub

Where oh where do I start with this one?  I could probably make a whole blog about the Banner but all the other cool stuff in this town has given me plenty of content.  My first experience at the Banner was a few years ago when I was looking for something to do on a Saturday night and found a local Grateful Dead cover band, Dupree’s Diamonds , was playing in Rockland.  We dropped off the kids and headed out for a night of drinks and tunes.  When we pulled up I was already enamored because I have a love of older and victorian style homes and this building was fabulous.  We walked in and the band was jammin’,  I loved the atmosphere and cool dive-y vibe.  We enjoyed our night and went home and it was a while before I got to back.

It seems in Rockland that the Banner is similiar to something Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead once said about the band, “We’re like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice.”  I guess I not only really like The Dead but I also REALLY like The Banner.  The drinks are strong and cheap (well…. if you can call anything in the Boston area cheap……but I digress), the food is good quality, big portions and affordable prices,  they have live music 7 nights a week including the rockin’ Wednesday night jam session that is my absolute favorite night of the week, the Paddy-O (a Key West reminiscent outside area with big screens, a bar, bag toss, two PEACH TREES?!?!, and a claw foot tub with tomato plants) and on…..and on…… and on……. I told you guys this would be a long one….

I think I could continue on with every little single thing I love about this place but hit me up in the comments with your thoughts and I will be back with food, music and event reviews.


Check out The Banner on the web here!





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