Welcome to Rockin’ Rockland

Hellllllllllo and welcome to my brand new blog about a town I love dearly, Rockland, MA.  I am a newer resident to Rockland (only two years) but I LOVE this town.  I grew up only 15 minutes away in Quincy but knew nothing of Rockland.  After having my second daughter in 2012 we left city life and moved to Marshfield.  Well it was way too far and basically soulless. So after 3 years there we ended up selling and finding our dream home in Rockland.  I had experienced some of the cool spots that I will be sharing with and reviewing for you but once I moved here my love affair with this town really blossomed.  The more I explore and learn about this town the more I love it.  I have found by talking to friends, neighbors, and just people on my errands that many don’t know just how Rockin’,  Rockland really is.  My mission is to change that!  I hope to share some new things on this page that you may not have known before and I am ALWAYS open to suggestions of cool places to check out and review.

I am a mother to two young daughters and I instill a strong sense of community and shopping local is an important value to me and one I want to show my girls.


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